For schools

Explore the world and understand its context

Educational programs run at UNIC Prague. Lasting 60-90 minutes, they are especially for students of secondary schools and universities, as well as for other interest groups, e.g. teachers, workers from the non-governmental sector, etc. Participants are familiarized with the structure and functioning of the UN and its role in important global issues. The program includes screenings of documentary films, discussions, quizzes and games.

Venue UNIC multipurpose room, Železná 24, Praha 1

Capacity 20-40 people

Contact [email protected], phone +420 255 711 645


Visit the UN Headquarters in New York and Vienna


Visit the UN Headquarters in New York

UN_NY_HQSince its establishment in 1945, the UN New York stands as the principal headquarters for the United Nations. The United Nations building in Manhattan on the East River waterfront is home to the organization’s top major organs: the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, and finally the UN Secretariat which is headed by the Secretary General. Only the last of the six principal organs of the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, is based in The Hague, Netherlands.

United Nations Visitors Centre in New York


Visit the United Nations in Vienna

UN_Vienna_HQVienna, along with New York, Geneva and Nairobi, holds one of the main bases for the United Nations. The Vienna International Centre (VIC) was opened in August 1979. It groups together many important organizations and programs from the United Nations.

United Nations Visitors Centre in Vienna


UN Czech Republic

United Nations Information Centre in Prague

The UN has a global network of information centers in 61 countries, spreading across all continents. Their task is to inform about the activities of all organisations in the UN system. This is done through the website osn.cz, profiles on Facebook and Twitter, the YouTube channel, a library with thousands of publications and magazines on the UN, research services, workshops and thematic debates, press conferences, educational programs, exhibitions, publications, information campaigns… The UNIC Prague is currently the representative office of the UN Secretariat in the Czech Republic.


Phone: (+420) 255 711 645


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Czech Republic

The UNHCR was opened in 1992 in connection with the Czech Republic’s accession to the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. The main objective of UNHCR in the Czech Republic is to support the construction of a comprehensive, sustainable and independent asylum system that will enable the state to consider an application for international protection in accordance with recognised standards and international law. It does so through its own programmes in the field of legal advice and awareness raising activities and through supporting the programmes of NGOs.


Phone: (+420) 776 437 775


World Health Organization office in Czech Republic

Established in 1991, the WHO’s prime action is to coordinate the activities and projects of WHO in the Czech Republic, information on the initiatives and actions of WHO documents, and promote cooperation and participation of Czech experts in the organisation. The WHO also contributes to influence the formation of health policy at a national and regional level in the context of recommendations and strategies used in the context of the policy of the World Health Organisation. The WHO represents the interests of the country.


Phone: (+420) 224 267 050


Czech Committee for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) 

UNICEF (UN Children’s Emergency Fund) operates in over 150 countries, helping children to survive and improving their living conditions by providing health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education and protection from the risks of HIV / AIDS, violence and other abuses. The largest part of the aid goes to those parts of the world where the situation is gravest for children – the poorest countries are in areas affected by war or natural disaster. In developed countries such as the Czech Republic, UNICEF acts through the national committees, whose role is to promote the fulfilment of children’s rights and raise funds for assistance programmes. UNICEF’s work is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from the sale of greeting cards and giftware.


Phone: (+420) 257 320 244

Job opportunities and internship

UN Careers

Official pages of the United Nations: UN Careers

UN Volunteers

Official pages of the United Nations: UN Volunteers

Internship at UNIC in Prague

Internships at UNIC

UNIC offers unpaid internships to college students who are in their professional lives and want to apply predominantly in the areas of information services, media and international relations.


  • Excellent knowledge of Czech and English
  • The ability to work on PC (MS Office, basic knowledge of HTML, information retrieval)
  • A solid understanding of the internet and social networks
  • Independence
  • Organisational skills
  • Interest in the activities of the United Nations


  • At least 4 months

The work involves helping to organise information campaigns and public events (seminars, press conferences, presentations, etc.), information activities (short translations, adding information on the web, proofreading and rewriting texts, sending invitations and press releases) and assistance in ensuring standard office operations.

For those who are interested, please send your resume, cover letter and this form to [email protected] or by post UNIC Prague. In the cover letter you must specify your available time to perform the internship.

What we do

The United Nations Information Centre Prague (UNIC) forms part of a global information network for the United Nations. It provides information about the activities, as well as the priority objectives of the organization, including specialized agencies and programs; has the role of representing the UN Secretariat in the Czech Republic; and builds partnerships with Government, state institutions, non-governmental organizations, schools, media and the private sector. As one of the first “branches” of the United Nations, UNIC Prague was founded in 1947.


For non-profit organizations

We establish partnerships with organizations whose activities are related to the topics, objectives and principles of the United Nations.

UNIC collaborates with nonprofit organizations who work on issues and projects relating to human rights, environmental protection, climate change, sustainable development, peace and security issues, poverty and other areas. The United Nations provides formal backing for the most interesting projects to use space in the center of Prague on seminars, workshops, conferences, discussions and screenings. 

We offer

  • Use of a spacious multipurpose room (up to 40 participants) on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00;
  • Variable adaptation of the room (tables and chairs);
  • Use of the facilities to prepare coffee, tea and small snacks;
  • Use technical equipment – projector, screen, sound room, notebook, and flipchart.

We Expect

  • For the events and projects to be directly related to the activities and objectives of the United Nations;
  • Commissioning and support of the UN logo on the invitations and related materials;
  • Professional and dignified course of action, as well as basic cleaning afterwards;
  • The establishment of long-term cooperation.

If interested, please contact us at [email protected] or call +420 255 711 646


Where to find us

Železná 24

110 00 Prague 1

How to contact us

Telephone +420 255 711 645

Fax +420 257 316 761

[email protected]


Office Hours

Monday – Friday / 9:00 – 17:00


Monday – Friday / 9:00 – 17:00
Appointments by telephone or e-mail

UNIC Staff

Michal Broža

Officer-in-Charge, Information Officer

Phone +420 724 020 611

[email protected]


Public Information Assistant 

Phone +420 255 711 645

[email protected]

Petr Lobotka

Administration and Finance

Phone +420 255 711 647+420 602 276 207 (mobil)

[email protected]